This price is valid until December 31, 2022

Booking a portrait session is $250 in weekdays and $350 in Saturdays

The booking fee includes:

- a pre-session consultation

- a custom portrait session up to 3 hours

- up to 5 wardrobe changes 

- revel and purchasing session

- $200 toward any Folio package

Family custom photo sessions  start from $550

Family photo session price

Family custom photo session One day

1. Contact

-Specify which photo session you are interested in


-How many people will be on the set

-Your name, phone number and E-mail for communication

2. I will call you back or email you and we will make an appointment for a pre-consultation in person, by phone or by zoom.

3.You pay $250 and we reserve the date of the photo session.

You have  $200 credit if you order a folio collection.

Example: Prepayment for booking is $250.

You like your photos and order the Folio collection for $1200.

You need to pay $1200-$200 = $1000 (Taxes are not included)

4.1. For a portrait photo session, you do not pay anything else until the moment you select the images for printing.

What to order is only up to you! 

Some people spend $250 some more than $2500.

4.2. For a family photo session, you make a prepayment of $550 when you book the day.

The cost of the booking is not refundable, but you can, if necessary, change the day of your photo session to a date that I have available.

This price  $550 includes digital files only.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Price subject to change without notice.